Dundersage Delusion (The)

Release Date: 1/30/2024

Duration: 16:33

Show Website: https://www.heartmatters-ok.org/ 

Summary: Zeke’s grandpa tells him a story about Claude Dundersage, a man whose life was filled with jogging plates and cleaning chickens.

Executive Producer: Kristie Jardot

Producer: Austin Peachey

Director: Austin Peachey

Writer: Glenn Hascall

Recording Engineer: N/A

Sound Design: Marc Mulcahy

Composer: N/A

Artwork/Package Design: ?


Grandpa - John Dehnart

Zeke - Rigby Dehnart

Announcer - Rebekah Bradford

Carley - Katie Dehnart

Claude - Glenn Hascall

Kaden Dolt - Austin Peachey