Release Date:

Duration: 2 hours, 4 minutes

Recorded at: The Soundhouse, Ltd., London, England


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Dirk Maggs - Adaptation/Director

Dirk Maggs and Paul Deeley - Sound Design

Philip Glassborow - Casting and Creative Director, Producer

Paul Deeley - Voice Recording Engineer

Music composed and arranged by Matthew Strachan


Russell Boulter as Judah Ben-Hur

Timothy Bateson as Balthasar

Colin McFarlane as Messala

Peter Goodwright as Simonides

Sally-Ann Burnett as Esther

Martin Jarvis as Quintus Arrius

Eleanor Tremain as Iras

Wendy Craig as Miriam of Hur

Bernard Cribbins as Seneca

Robert Benfield as Malluch

Sarah Bradley as Mary

Nick Burnell as Tiberius

Justin Butcher as Lyssipus

Karen Clegg as Tirzah

Max Digby as Centurion

Tenniel Evans as Simeon

Michael Haughey as Joseph

Matthew Lawrence as Shimon

Polly March as Amrah

Robin Meredith as Pilate

Peter Moreton as Ithamar Ben-Hur

David Oakley as The Captain

Michael Roberts as Ilderim

Philip Sherlock as Decurion

David Simeon as Gratus

Victor Spinetti as Herod The Great

Mervyn Stutter as Hortator

Philip Sully as Gaspar

Richard Syms as Maxentius

Simon Treves as Drusus