Red Rock Mysteries

Launch Date: September 2015

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Episode Length: Average runtime of 20-25 minutes

Production Studio: GreenStreams Studio

Series Synopsis: Shadows and Daylight is a mystery audio drama that deals with both the lies in religion and the truth in Jesus Christ. Winter O'Brien, amateur sleuth, has her life changed. When an old friend from Winter's shadowy past shows up in her hometown of New Dublin, Canada, Winter finds herself in the middle of uncovering secrets that no one else dared bring to the daylight.

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Production Team

Writer: Christopher Green

Producer: Christopher Green

Director: Christopher Green

Sound Designer: Christopher Green

Composer: Natasha Green

Mix Supervision: Todd Green

Regular Series Characters

Winter O'Brien - Alicia Powell (Episode 1 - 7), Natasha Green (Episode 8-12)

Commissioner Steven Delaney - Todd Green

Matt Delaney - James J. Green

Leigh Christian - Sierra Brewer (Episode 1 - 5), Abigail Bourne (Episode 6 - 12)

Red LeBon - Janna Griffioen

Kaylin Stewart - Tamara Green

Recurring Characters

Officer Svenson - Andy Loyst

Jack Tuey - Andy Loyst

Prot - JD Sutter

Mathon LeBon - Henry Griffioen

Guinevere LeBon - Lois Griffioen

Evan Christian - Jakeb Loyst

Tricia Wescott - Vicky Popowich

Father Callaghan - Micah Touchet

Penelope Riano - Tamara Green

The Indigo - Christopher Green

Additional Info

  • From Writer/Director Christopher Green: "Fun fact: Every writer has those secret favourites you have to hold back so as not to overwrite, and Kaylin and Leigh were that for me."

  • Fun fact: There are several tie-in nods to another GreenStreams Studio production The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy Show (JS&T), within Shadows and Daylight. In episode 2 "An Eye for an Eye", Leigh's ringtone is the theme song from JS&T. Winter also hums the theme song while vacuuming in episode 8 "Road to Nowhere". Additionally in episode 10 "The Fall", Mathon LeBon reads a list of names of people who checked out a library book; one of those names is "J. Dunn", as in "Jimmy Dunn" from JS&T. At another time Matt Delaney refers to his "Aunt Pamela", a nod to the note Jimmy received in episode 1 "A Dog's Life" of JS&T, which Jimmy assumed was from his "Aunt Pamela".

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Original Series Artwork

Original Series Artwork