A Far-Off Planet

Release Date: 1/30/2024

Duration: 30:11

Show Website: https://www.heartmatters-ok.org/ 

Summary: Dwade has it all: a luxury apartment on Mars, his own teleporter, and a companion robot. However, an approaching dust storm may change all of that.

Executive Producer: Kristie Jardot

Producer: Austin Peachey

Director: Austin Peachey

Writer: Alicia Hansen

Recording Engineer: N/A

Sound Design: Micah Touchet

Composer: Garrett Vandenberg

Artwork/Package Design: ?


Dwade - Dominic Treis

Automated Voice - Betsy Nicholson

Boss - Andy Harvey

Gambler - Craig Hart

Kendrix - 

Security Robot - Glenn Hascall

Shop Owner - Jonathan Cooke

RZO - John Fornof

Dwade's Father - John Fornof

Dwade's Mother - 

Dwade's Brother - 

Man on the Street - Austin Peachey

Teleportation Office Attendant - Alicia Hansen

Teleportation Pad Passenger, Panhandler - Austin Peachey