Frozen Fire

Release Date: November 2015

Duration: 01:48:59

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Summary: You are about to become acquainted with a young girl who changed the world! The events that lead up to Betty’s pivotal decision demonstrate the true meaning of humility, servanthood, and love. Inspired by a true story, Betty must come face-to-face with a dreaded foe. Facing myriad trials, including abandonment and the death-grip of a terrifying blizzard, her love for her devoted servant trumps all. You will fall in love with Betty, whose loyalty is demonstrated through tremendous courage and sacrifice.


Executive Producer: Mark Hamby & Deborah Hamby

Producer: John Fornof

Director: John Fornof

Writer: Robert Liparulo, John Fornof (bookend story)

Recording Engineer:

Sound Design: Allen Hurley

Composer: John Campbell

Artwork/Package Design:


Host - John Rhys-Davies

Finnian Jones - Jess Harnell

Sir Allen Levan - Jess Harnell

Betty Levan - Della Saba

Beth - Della Saba

Dr. Edward Jenner - Barry Dennen

Tom - Fred Tatasciore

The Earl of Mosby - Fred Tatasciore

King George the Third - Fred Tatasciore

John - Michael Gregory

Rossana - Kari Wahlgren

Lady Levan - Kari Wahlgren

Countess Mosby - Elle Newlands

Frank - Gabe Eggerling

Arthur - Gabe Eggerling

Sarah - Molly Stone

Matilda - Molly Stone

Mr. Middleton - Scott Whyte

Additional Voices - Julian Stone & Members of the Company

Additional Info

  • This audio drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Karl Gustav Nieritz, originally published in 1834.

  • Recorded at Salami Studios, North Hollywood

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