Cat of Bubastes (The)


Release Date:


Recorded at The Soundhouse in London


From the shimmering sands of ancient Egypt, comes an epic tale of mystery, intrigue, and suspense. The young prince Amuba and his faithful mentor Jethro are captured by the Egyptians and enslaved in the beautiful city of Thebes. They soon find themselves trapped in a murderous plot to attack the family of their Egyptian friend, which will severely test their loyalty. Along the way, Amuba and Jethro discover the mystery and the wonder of God’s providence. Ranked as one of Henty’s most popular novels, this audio adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

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Bill Heid - Executive Producer

Philip Glassborow - London Director

John Fornof - Producer & Director

Nick Heid, Aaron Fullan - Associate Producers

Nick Heid - Writer

Original Score by John Campbell

Philip Glassborow - London Casting Director

Rob Jorgensen - Sound Design and Foley

Beecher Proch - Production and Studio Coordinator

Emma Kesterton - Studio Manager

Andrew Harrison - Show Announcer

Mark Drury - Recording Engineer and Project Manager

Steve Tyrrell/Tyrrell Creative - Package Design

Daniel Philpott - Accent Coach


Brian Blessed - G.A. Henty

Elizabeth Counsell - Amense

Sylvester Mccoy - Chigron

Russell Boulter - Moses

John Rhys-Davies - Rabah

Jill Freud - Lyptis

Anthony Daniels - Permotep

Akintunde Esuruoso - Amuba

Toby Baddeley - Chebron

Rosanna Miles - Ruth

Peter Moreton - Jethro

Ian Cullen - Ameres

Richard Syms - Ptylis

Michael Haughey - Simeon

David Simeon - Chief Priest

David Oakley - High Priest

Mervyn Stutter - Amusis

Daniel Philpott - Neco

Emily Woodward - Mysa