Jimmy, Sam & Tommy Show (The)

Launch Date: September 2014

Show Website: http://jimmysamandtommy.weebly.com/

Episode Length:

Production Studio: GreenStreams Studio

Series Synopsis: The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy Show (JS&T) , is a comedic audio drama chalked full of zany humor. Don't let the childhood characters fool you, Jimmy, Sam & Tommy are full of clean humor for all ages! So go ahead and check out their latest episode! The show follows the antics of Jimmy Dunn, a wild but lovable 10 year old, and his two best friends, Sam Hoomer and his younger brother Tommy.

Subpages: Season 1

Production Team

Writer/Directors: Christopher Green & Natasha Green

Voice Track Editing: Natasha Green & Christopher Green

Composer: Natasha Green (with occasional music by Christopher Green)

Regular Series Characters

Jimmy Dunn - Christopher Green

Sam Hoomer - Natasha Green

Tommy Hoomer - Natasha Green

Recurring Characters

Biwwy Musica - Christopher Green

Winston - Christopher Green

Space Alien #1 - Christopher Green

Space Alien #2 - Natasha Green

Additional Info

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