Jonathan Park

Launch Date: 2000

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Episode Length: Average runtime of 25 minutes

Production Studio: Wise King Media

Series Synopsis: Jonathan Park is an action-packed, faith-building audio adventure series for kids and families. The adventures follow the Park and Brenan families, especially Jonathan Park and his best friend Jessie Brenan, as they travel the world searching for evidence for the Biblical account of history! Although these stories are fictitious, each action-packed adventure is based on real places, events, or discoveries! The show was created by Pat Roy and Sandy Roy.

Subpages: Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo, Jonathan Park Goes to the Aquarium, Jonathan Park Goes to the Galapagos, Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon,  Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, Series 8, Series 9, Series 10a, Series 10b, Series 11, Series 12, Series 13, Series 14, Series 15, Series 16, Series 17, Series 18, Series 19, Series 20

NOTES: Due to multiple show ownership changes, the vernacular for episode collections has also changed. "Series" or "Volume" refers to a full collection of 12 episodes, while "Album" refers to each set of three-part episodes since Wise King Media acquired the show in 2016.

Series 1 - 9 are now called The Original Adventures. The volume originally numbered as Volume #10: The Journey Home has been retitled, The Creation Museum Adventure Series and is no longer part of the numbered series sets. The first Wise King Media produced collection, titled The Dreamer's Tomb, has now been numbered as Series 10. Beginning with this new Series 10, the series sets are called The New Adventures.

Production Team

Writer: Pat Roy, Sandy Roy, Bob Siegel, Kelly Ruble, Paul Maley, Andrew Riffenburgh, Duane Riffenburgh, John Fornof

Producer: Pat Roy, John Fornof

Director: Pat Roy, Kathryn Mokan, Sandy Roy, Andrew Riffenburgh, John Fornof, Nicole Franco

Sound Designer: Pat Roy, Andrew Riffenburgh, Duane Riffenburgh, Luke Guenot, Oscar Corral

Composer: John Campbell, Jared DePasquale

Regular Series Characters

Jonathan Park - Voiced by Joseph Alm (2000 - 2003), Caleb Taylor (2004 - 2007), Alex Kazules (2008 - 2010), Isaac Taylor (2012 - 2014), Jesse Abeel (2017 - Present)

Kendall Park - Voiced by Frank Montenegro (2000 - 2014), Joseph Narducci (2017 - Present)

Jessie Brenan - Voiced by Anna (Rapp) Frandsen (2000 - 2014), Sarah Prentiss (2017 - Present)

Isaac Brenan - Voiced by Austyn Myers (2017 - Present)

Recurring Characters

Angela Park

Jim Brenan

Martha Brenan

Myles Morgan

Additional Info

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