A 'Strordinary Little Maid

Release Date: June 2016

Duration: 02:27:21

Show Website: https://www.lamplightertheatre.com/

Summary: Meet Peggy Perkins. This peculiar maid will delight you with her extraordinary ability to share the gospel. Encounter the good news in bold and often humorous color, as Peggy embraces her mission to send everyone she meets to the only Physician who can cure sick hearts. You will laugh and cry along with Peggy as she grows in her faith through the mishaps and mayhem of daily life. Her tenacious courage intrigues people from all walks of life, and her faithfulness invites them to experience the joy of the ’strordinary God she serves!


Executive Producer: Mark & Deborah Hamby

Producer: John Fornof

Director: John Fornof

Writer: Darby Kern, John Fornof (bookend story)

Recording Engineer: John Doryk

Sound Design: John Doryk

Composer: John Campbell

Artwork/Package Design: X


Host - John Rhys-Davies

Finnian Jones - Jess Harnell

Peggy Perkins - Jade Williams

Miss Gregory - Mary Ann Cafferkey

Peggy's Aunt - Polly March

Helen - Emily Stride

Molly - Emily Stride

Mrs. Jones - Emily Stride

Joyce - Finty Williams

Perkins the Peddler - Mervyn Stutter

Allicia Allandale - Susan Tracy

Nesbit - Susan Tracy

Mrs. Dale - Susan Tracy

Captain D'Arcy - Justin Butcher

Mrs. Creek - Lucy Trigear

Additional Info

  • This audio drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Amy Le Feuvre.

  • Recorded at The Soundhouse, London, UK

  • Quote from Mark Hamby, Executive Producer: "Not only is A 'Strordinary Little Maid the most powerful drama Lamplighter has ever produced, but the bookend, featuring Finnian Jones, is equal to it! The script for the bookend came to me this morning after John Fornof did a rewrite of the new additions in the Exploratorium. This drama truly has it all! I know this may sound odd, but I hope Jesus might postpone His return so that the world can hear this story—a story that will make an eternal difference for many."

Production Photos

Jade Williams (right) plays the "little maid", Peggy

Photo credit: Lamplighter Ministries