Time Chroniclers

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Ongoing Series
Episode Length: 29 - 45 mins
Production Studio: Creation Quest

Series Synopsis
Time Chroniclers is an audio drama that gives great evidence for creation in an exciting and informative way.  Follow the Penner family, Scott, Suzanne, Winny, Hope, and Heath, as they find secrets from the past that unlock their future!

Production Team
Writers: Pat Roy, Sandy Roy, Summer Roy, Melody Roy
Director: Sandy Roy
Sound Designer: Pat Roy
Composer: Conner Savoca

Regular Series Characters
Rick Carhart - Scott Penner
Sandy Roy - Suzanne Penner
Summer Roy - Winny Penner
Rueben Ehtesham - Heath Penner
Melody Roy - Hope Penner

Jadon Bertholf - Jimmy
Joshua Yuen - Tom

Recurring Characters

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Album TitleRelease Year
Album TitleRelease Year
Volume 1: New Beginnings 2017 
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